Your views count

Every day we receive a large number of emails and letters and we read every one. If you are emailing us your opinion, we will log the email so that I can know your views. These, together with the debate in the House, help me form my judgement on how to vote.

Emails or letters that are specifically asking for help are sent to the most appropriate department or authority. For example: the Council is responsible for local housing and we may therefore keep your local councillors copied into any correspondence.

Specific letters requesting an answer from a Government Department are forwarded on to them for them to reply to you.

If you wish to meet me I am in the Constituency every week and we have regular open meetings. I am also very happy to come to local events.

Parliamentary protocol dictates that I am only able to deal with my constituents issues so do check first that I am your local MP.

Please enter your postcode and press the “CHECK POSTCODE” button (BELOW) to find out if I am your local MP.

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