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It has been an honour to serve Kensington as your Member of Parliament from May 2015 to June 2017 and I look forward to doing all I can to help Kensington in the future. I am committed to continuing to help local residents and will continue campaigning on local issues.

I live in Kensington, grew up here, went to school locally, and then to work, and have raised our four children here with my husband Jamie.

I worked in business for a subsidiary of P&O for twenty years, before entering politics. I continue to serve as a school governor in North Kensington.

From 2002 – 2006 I was a local Councillor and in 2008 I was elected as a member of the London Assembly and became The Deputy Mayor of London to Boris Johnson from 2012-2015.

During my time in politics I have championed early intervention on alcohol abuse, reducing obesity and worked with Government and local charities on the issues surrounding dementia. I have also campaigned for more action to be taken on the issue of FGM across London. As Chairman of the Health and Public Services committee at the GLA I worked with cross-party groups on helping children who have been taken into care, improving access to childcare, reducing fuel poverty, reviewing the provision of emergency services, including detailed work on the London Ambulance Service.

As your MP I held regular surgeries locally, to enable you to raise your concerns with me. Important topics have included housing, education and healthcare needs. My experience as a local councillor has helped me to liaise with local and national organisations, from RBKC Social Services to the Department for Work and Pensions – giving a voice to those who struggle to be heard.

In Parliament, on the Science and Technology Committee, I have pushed for greater investment in education and the UK Tech Sector. I have lobbied for greater social housing, a review of NHS disciplinary procedures, improvements in health and social care and protected funding for local schools. I have worked with the Borough and broadband providers to improve the provision of superfast broadband in Kensington, campaigned to save the Royal Brompton Hospital – lobbying the Secretary of State for Health, and I argued against the proposed increase to National Insurance Contributions for the self employed.

If you have any local concerns please contact me here.

Post-Carnival Residents Meeting

After a successful carnival, the organisers and Council team would like to hear your comments and there is a public meeting at the Tabernacle on Monday 17th September from 7.00 – 8.30pm to which everyone is invited – please pass the word around.

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Death toll on your conscience Mr Mayor?

On knife crime, you must and you CAN do more Mr Mayor.
As I write this, sixty young people have lost their lives this year. Sixty families grieving. This cannot go on.
As the previous Deputy Mayor of London, I saw at first-hand how you can tackle this problem. When Boris was Mayor he inherited a murder rate of over 21 young people a year (2008) from Ken Livingstone.

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First year anniversary of Grenfell Tower

As we commemorate the first anniversary of the tragedy of Grenfell I am pleased that the Prime Minister has publicly confirmed the Government’s ongoing support for all those affected by this tragedy.

This article from the Prime Minister appeared in the Evening Standard:


The Prime Minister outlines her Brexit approach

The Rt Hon Theresa May MP, Prime Minister
The Sunday Times
Sunday 13th May 2018

Trust me, I’ll take back control — but I’ll need your help

Amid all the noisy debate and technical discussions about our departure from the European Union, I want to take this opportunity to remind the British public of my mission in the negotiations.

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Windrush settlers

As an MP much of my time was spent in debates in Parliament or immersed in casework, but there was also the opportunity of dipping into the fantastic library in the House of Commons, I therefore had time to read several accounts of our Windrush arrivals, and those that preceded them – I particularly enjoyed the Trevor Phillips book where he interviewed and followed the lives of many individuals and their experiences.

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Broadband in Kensington

Meeting with the Minister to discuss the urgent need to improve Broadband access in Kensington.

Local meeting was held at the Town Hall with Councillors, Openreach team from BT and Tony Devenish from the GLA. All residents urgently need good broadband. Cllr Matthew Palmer also led a resident meeting to improve these services with representatives from BT.

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Notting Hill Carnival

Significant changes must be made, to improve this event, which drew in a million people this year.

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Grenfell Tower

I am absolutely devastated by this dreadful fire, as we all are. I have visited the local voluntary centres on a number of occasions in order to help as I know have many of you. The community’s response has been amazing.

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Air Quality

London turns Red

When Theresa May stood on the steps of Downing Street and spoke directly to the people of Britain she showed that she understood the complexity of people’s lives, and we all gave a collective sigh of relief across the Country that the Head Girl was in charge and we were in capable hands.

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