December 2018 Newsletter

It’s been another busy week in Kensington working with local residents, businesses and volunteers in the community.

Last Thursday evening I joined my fellow governors, for a meeting at Golborne and Maxilla Children’s Centre under the Westway. This nursery provision has received an “excellent” rating from Ofsted which is down to the hard work and lovely atmosphere provided by the Head and the team.

Golbourne and Maxilla Childrens Centre
On Friday evening I attended the GarGar foundation anniversary celebration, on Holland Park Avenue.

Victoria and Deqa Salad

Victoria and Deqa Salaad “Hear Women” founder.


Ourayma at the GarGar foundation anniversary.

Hear Women

Hear Women.

“Hear Women” have been nominated for a Queens Award for Voluntary service for their work empowering women – particularly from the Somali community.This was a really great event as it brought together so many teams from the boroughs – both Kensington & Chelsea and Westminster and from voluntary groups including Angela Spence from the Kensington and Chelsea Social Council, and Baraka Community Association/Baraka youth and parliamentarians from Somalia on a visit to the UK.

On Saturday I started the day on London Live TV promoting “Small business Saturday – to encourage us all to get out and shop in our local shops and not just rely on the internet.

If we want to have active and lively high streets we have to go and shop there.

I was joined by Nicola Grant from the Putney Business Improvement District who I was pleased to meet as I have been encouraging Cllr Malcolm Spalding in his initiative to have a local Business Improvement district in Earls Court, it has even been suggested to me that we should extend this to Kensington High Street.

London Live

Preparing for London Live TV.

I joined my sister who is a great “biscuiteer” and made biscuits for the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital fair.

Chelsea and Westminster Hospital

Biscuits for the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital fair.

Buscuits for the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital

Biscuits for the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital fair.

Chelsea and Westminster Hospital

Biscuits for the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital fair.

On Sunday I met the local residents of Fulham and Sands End to listen to Vivian Bendall (previously MP for Ilford North and Pauline Lyle Smith introducing Dominic Carmen, who gave us amusing reminiscences about his father’s life in the law.

Fulham and Sands

Meeting local residents of Fulham and Sands to listen to Vivian Bendall.

Tony Devenish

Tony Devenish our GLA Representative gives update on the Mayor for London.

Tony Devenish

Great Debate on politics.

Great debate on politics, and Tony Devenish our GLA representative gave us all an update on the Mayor of London and his work representing us on the Greater London Assembly.
Monday took me to the Guildhall to catch up on the work being done to eliminate Hep C, led locally in Kensington and Chelsea by Dr Suman Verma, from Chelsea and Westmister Hospital, and keynote address by Dr Yvonne Doyle of NHS England.

Dr Yvonne Doyle

Keynote address by Dr Yvonne Doyle “Eliminating Hep C”

Raising Hep C Profile

I first got involved with raising the profile of this work when I was the Deputy Mayor of London.

The Hep C Team

The great Hep C team including Cllr Susan Hall, Dr Emily Finch, Conference organiser Dee Cunliffe and Dr Suman Verma.

The progress here is very encouraging with better drug regimes and far greater chance of recovery. I first got involved with raising the profile of this work when I was the Deputy Mayor of London.

Improvement in Hep C Hospital admissions

Improvement in Hep C Hospital admissions

Proportions of Hep C Drug Recipients in London

Proportions of Hep C Drug Recipients in London

With the great Hep C team including Cllr Susan Hall from the GLA, Dr Emily Finch, Conference organiser Dee Cunliffe and Dr Suman Verma from Chelsea and Westminster Hospital.

On Tuesday, a meeting with the British Antique Dealers Association with many members locally in Kensington and Chelsea. BADA celebrated their 100 years since their foundation this year and I had previously spoken at their anniversary dinner

BADA 100th Aiversary
On to Brent North Conservatives in Northwick Park. Full house for a great evening organised by Chairman Kanta Mistry, with local councillors: Reg Colville, Michael Maurice, and Suresh Kansagra.

Brent North Conservatives

Great evening organised by Brent North Conservatives

Brent North Conservatives

Lighting the Menorah candle for the third evening and the fourth day of Advent.

Brent North Conservatives

Excellent speech from Bob Blackman MP for Harrow East.

We started our festivities by lighting the Menorah candle for the third evening of Hanukkah and the fourth day of Advent. I set a lighthearted quiz on Votes for Women and the role of women not only in the UK but around the world and touched on local politics and my own experience as a local councillor, the previous Deputy Mayor of London to Boris Johnson and then as the MP for Kensington.

We had an excellent speech from Bob Blackman MP for Harrow East which was followed by a keen and intense question and answer session so we could all discuss the latest political options for our PM and the Party.

Wednesday evening: Stratford Road Shops had their annual Christmas shopping event – just south of Kensington High street where you will find a traditional butcher, delicious cakes, nails and beauty, newsagent, wine merchant, chemist, local estate agent dry cleaners dry, interior designers and gifts so why shop on the internet when you can support our local shops!

Stratford Road Shops

Stratford Road Shops had their annual Christmas shopping event.

Thursday – Off to speak at “Women in Business” event.

Speaking at Women in Business event

Speaking at Women in Business event.

Speaking at Women in Business event

Speaking at Women in Business event.

Having had 20 years in business myself, working in a subsidiary of the P&O group, at the Earls Court Exhibition Centre, I know how important these networking events can be and I wanted to encourage others to get into politics or being local councillors, thinking about the GLA or standing for Parliament. Although, in my view, the hours in Westminster still need to be sorted out for those with very young children.

That brings me around to Friday again where I spent the morning on the environmental audit with the team from RBKC, the Mayor’s office and the Leadership team from Golborne and Maxilla Children’s Centre auditing the premises inside and out and studying what could be done to improve the air quality.

Environment Audit

Environmetal Audit of the Golbourne and Maxilla Childrens Centre.

Environment Audit

Environmetal Audit of the Golborne and Maxilla Childrens Centre.

We are fortunate that Golborne and Maxilla have a lovely play space and can also use the forest school garden at the earlier Maxilla site.

I have continued to use my voice and contacts to work for the residents of Kensington, and by listening to shopkeepers, business and my fellow residents, I can make sure that your views are heard. May I take this opportunity to wish you all a Happy Christmas in these very uncertain political times, and I hope we can all come together in 2019 and make Kensington an even better place to live, work and visit.

December 13th, 2018

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Victoria Borwick and Cllr. Malcolm Spalding discuss BID in Earls Court

Really pleased to have Cllr. Malcom Spalding join me and talk about how a Business Improvement District in Earls Court will increase shopping and tourism and improve the area.

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Local Resident’s Survey Results – So Far

Thank you to those who completed my local resident’s survey in Kensington.

To summarise the results, I have put them in chart form here, but I shall be taking up these topics with our local councillors, where relevant, and if you re-select me as your candidate I will ensure that these form the basis of my “Campaigns for Kensington”.

If you haven’t completed my survey yet, there’s still time to do so by clicking here.

Why I can win back Kensington

Victoria Borwick sets out why she’s the right choice to be the Tory’s Kensington candidate at the next general election.

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A decisive step forward towards Brexit

A draft deal that delivers on the referendum and will see us take back control of our money, laws and borders.

It will end freedom of movement while protecting jobs, security and our precious Union.

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Chancellor’s Budget 2018 – Local Impact

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What the Conservatives are doing

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Death toll on your conscience Mr Mayor?

On knife crime, you must and you CAN do more Mr Mayor.
As I write this, sixty young people have lost their lives this year. Sixty families grieving. This cannot go on.

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First year anniversary of Grenfell Tower

As we commemorate the first anniversary of the tragedy of Grenfell I am pleased that the Prime Minister has publicly confirmed the Government’s ongoing support for all those affected by this tragedy.

This article from the Prime Minister appeared in the Evening Standard:

The Prime Minister outlines her Brexit approach

The Rt Hon Theresa May MP, Prime Minister
The Sunday Times
Sunday 13th May 2018

Trust me, I’ll take back control — but I’ll need your help

Amid all the noisy debate and technical discussions about our departure from the European Union, I want to take this opportunity to remind the British public of my mission in the negotiations.

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Windrush settlers

As an MP much of my time was spent in debates in Parliament or immersed in casework, but there was also the opportunity of dipping into the fantastic library in the House of Commons, I therefore had time to read several accounts of our Windrush arrivals, and those that preceded them – I particularly enjoyed the Trevor Phillips book where he interviewed and followed the lives of many individuals and their experiences.

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Broadband in Kensington

Meeting with the Minister to discuss the urgent need to improve Broadband access in Kensington.

Local meeting was held at the Town Hall with Councillors, Openreach team from BT and Tony Devenish from the GLA. All residents urgently need good broadband. Cllr Matthew Palmer also led a resident meeting to improve these services with representatives from BT.

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Notting Hill Carnival

Significant changes must be made, to improve this event, which drew in a million people this year.

Click here to see more about the Notting Hill Carnival.

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Grenfell Tower

I am absolutely devastated by this dreadful fire, as we all are. I have visited the local voluntary centres on a number of occasions in order to help as I know have many of you. The community’s response has been amazing.

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Air Quality

London turns Red

When Theresa May stood on the steps of Downing Street and spoke directly to the people of Britain she showed that she understood the complexity of people’s lives, and we all gave a collective sigh of relief across the Country that the Head Girl was in charge and we were in capable hands.

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