Notting Hill Carnival ‘nearly became a crush tragedy on the scale of Hillsborough’ this year

Notting Hill Carnival came close to a disaster along the scale of the Hillsborough tragedy on at least two occasions this year, police have claimed.

At one point officers were forced to dive into crowds and rescue children and people in Ladbroke Grove who were at risk of being crushed.

On other occasions safety barriers collapsed in All Saints Road under the weight of crowds and people were thrown forward, raising fears that people in the front would be suffocated.

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November 4th, 2016

Broadband in Kensington

Meeting with the Minister to discuss the urgent need to improve Broadband access  in Kensington.

Local meeting was held at the Town Hall with Councillors, Openreach team from BT and Tony Devenish from the GLA.   All residents urgently need good broadband. Cllr Matthew Palmer also led a resident meeting to improve these services with representatives from BT.

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Grenfell Tower

I am absolutely devastated by this dreadful fire, as we all are. I have visited the local voluntary centres on a number of occasions in order to help as I know have many of you. The community’s response has been amazing.

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