Mayor for London | Victoria Borwick
  Mayor for London | Victoria Borwick Mayor for London | Victoria Borwick
Mayor for London | Victoria Borwick
Mayor for London | Victoria Borwick
Mayor for London | Victoria Borwick
Victoria Borwick, Conservative candidate for the Mayor for London.

If you want sensible policies, want London run by Londoners, and want a change from slick politicians and spin doctors, then vote for Victoria Borwick - The people's choice - Listening to Londoners.

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Victoria Borwick - Listening to Londoners

Thursday, July 26, 2007

I was the guest speaker at a lunch in Croydon for the local Conservative Association. Andrew Pelling MP was there with his family and he spoke very well and knowledgeably about the local issues, he is held in high regard by his electorate.

Their new candidate for the GLA is Steve O’Connell who is currently deputy Leader on the Council and very active in tackling local crime issues. I think he will be excellent on the GLA as he will stand no nonsense, and knows what it is like in the Boroughs.

Crime, transport and "over development" are the issues here, just like they are in so many parts of London.

Poured with rain again on the way home – what will our basement at home be like this time? Did I clear out the drains sufficiently?

Monday, July 23, 2007

Planning meeting
Off to the Brompton Hospital physiotherapy dept. with my eldest son. All very friendly and helpful. Really shows that caring staff make the difference.

Planning Committee for Kensington & Chelsea this evening – As a local Councillor, helping my local residents object strongly to the building of “Tesco Tower” on Warwick Road in West London.
The proposed development is viewed as too high and too high density, with nowhere to push a pram or go to a park. We need houses and flats particularly affordable ones, but not in tall towers with no community space.

The Council rejects the scheme and there is much celebration, although Tesco’s and Multiplex are likely to appeal – why can’t we just have a Tesco’s Extra which would benefit the area, increase the shopping choice, better to have local shops, then people will not have to travel.

I am sure other shops would cheer up this bleak corridor in Warwick Road if Tescos were to expand.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Birthday baking
Made a gooey cake for my Mother’s 92nd birthday, decorated by my children, and we all had a Happy Birthday tea for my wonderful Mother, and happy day with the family.
It is important to appreciate all that the older generations have been through, and my children love asking Granny how things happened in her day. A walking talking history book.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Final Four Conservative Candidates
After the final selection process for the Conservative Candidate for London Mayor – four of us have come through the final interviews – Borwick, Boff, Boris and my fellow Kensington & Chelsea Councillor Warwick Lightfoot. Now to the final stage of this part of the campaign.

Back to cleaning out our gutters and drains so I am better prepared for the next storms – certainly makes a break from the politics, and brings a dose of reality.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Floods in London
Oh what rain – we read about floods in the rest of Britain and we forget about London. What an amazing amount of rain in a really short period of time. Water poured into our basement at home and scared off all the spiders for a bit.
I went round to help my 92 year old mother who was in a much worse state. I lifted off her drain cover to help the water run away.
There were many others even in Kensington who have suffered and the Council are now making a map of the problems, so we can all be better prepared – next time.
I have read that the Olympic Village is in an area prone to flooding, so lets hope we get that right in time.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Campaigning in Ealing Southall
I have been campaigning twice here for the election on Thursday. Canvassing over the weekend I found that many people had not yet made up their mind, but like all by elections these days, were drowning in literature – what do we inflict on our voters to shake them out of their apathy!

This morning, campaigning again with Tony Lit with Malcolm Rifkind, Eric Ollerenshaw, Karim and several other supporters we had a very positive reaction. Its time for a change, and the Labour Party have not delivered locally. In Southall, Tony is famous and children scamper after his autograph, and we are now winning over the voters in Ealing. Let’s hope for a win, or a close contest on Thursday to show that Conservatives are making a difference.

Certainly no wish for Livingstone’s tram here – in fact all voters I met seem to be united on that one, so Ken, you certainly have not got the support here in West London – when did you last walk these streets?

Tony Lit campaign page:

Friday, July 13, 2007

Crime – Young people the victims as well as the perpetrators
The assembly interviewed Viv Ahmun from “in-volve and the London Gangs, Guns and Weapons Practitioner’s forum”, Decima Francis “Boyhood to Manhood Foundation”, Commander Rod Jarman, Metropolitan Police, Alex Reyes, "Kick Start Project, Crime Concern".

I thought this would be a really interesting debate as I believe that crime and particularly violent crime, continues to be the major issue in London.

As usual the underground was only working in parts, how anyone gets to work without being frazzled I do not know. Walked across to City Hall in the rain, why is City Hall so difficult to get to, no wonder there is such a mystery as to what goes on there. Why doesn’t such an important place for debate have better transport links? When you go to Westminster it is easy to get there.

Anyway back to the debate on how we can reduce crime in London.

The messages from the morning were:
The age that young people turn to crime is decreasing from mid teens down to 11 and 12 year olds – horrifying. Peak age used to be 17 -24 age group
In places like Peckham and other London boroughs – gang crime is increasing and the level of violence is increasing.
Although young people have always carried weapons – the difference is now they actually use them to harm people ….
There have been 15 deaths this year, and many more woundings.
The Church and religious organisations can play an important part in keeping young people out of violence.

It was noted by some of the speakers that the teachers should be social workers, because there was no one in authority in these children’s lives to teach them the difference between right and wrong – Remember this debate is in the same week as Iain Duncan Smith’s report on the importance of the family – and that certainly resonated this morning. There was an expectation from some of the speakers that society and “the system” should support these young people.

The Metropolitan Police estimated that there are about 250 gangs across London.

It was seen as very important to have local projects “home grown” projects for the long term. Not just enough to have a football camp for 10 weeks a year, there needed to be longer term solutions to meet the needs of more than one generation, who could then be mentors and a peer group leaders for the next.

The GLA members were concerned that there seemed to be almost an acceptance that young people will go through a stage when they carry out crimes. This is not a “rite of passage” and we need to show that this is just not acceptable on London’s streets. The police, all agencies, voluntary sectors, and religious communities, and the local Borough Leaders have got make it absolutely clear that this breakdown in acceptable behaviour needs to be stopped. We need clear policies to tackle this level of crime and the underlying issues that cause it.

Let’s be clear here about what is happening on our streets, and let’s get a Mayor who will stop being soft here and call for clear action, street by street, block by block and work with the Boroughs to tackle this issue.
Mayor for London | Victoria Borwick