Mayor for London | Victoria Borwick
  Mayor for London | Victoria Borwick Mayor for London | Victoria Borwick
Mayor for London | Victoria Borwick
Mayor for London | Victoria Borwick
Mayor for London | Victoria Borwick
Victoria Borwick, Conservative candidate for the Mayor for London.

If you want sensible policies, want London run by Londoners, and want a change from slick politicians and spin doctors, then vote for Victoria Borwick - The people's choice - Listening to Londoners.

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Victoria Borwick - Listening to Londoners

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Extended Congestion Zone
We have all been watching the streets since the extension on Monday "Does it work?" we say - well of course it works if you want to make the streets quieter.

However if you are a shop owner, or providing services to residents in Kensington & Chelsea, then of course the congestion charge further damages your business.

No one would choose to drive in Central London, but if you need to use your car to get around you are now paying more tax.

to quote Gordon Taylor, Chairman of the West London Residents' Association and Chelsea resident and engineer:

Vehicles move at an average speed of 25 miles an hour in the borough of Kensington & Chelsea, compared with 10 miles an hour in the central charge zone, he said.

The charge "is crude and expensive," Taylor said. ``The boundary itself is like a Berlin Wall: It divides communities, it stops social intercourse, it badly affects businesses.''

So how did you get to work this week - particuarly Monday where once again several of the tube lines were out. The idea is that we have excellent public transport systems and choice of how to travel, once that is delivered, then we would leave our cars behind.

We have all seen recently the public's resistence to road tolls - almost 2 MILLION people objected to the government's consultation, yet will they be listened to? just like Red Ken, this Mayor and this Government is not interested in our views.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Crime on the Streets
Every day we open the papers and see yet another teenager stabbed or injured – what a sad indictment on life in London today. These repeated murders and attacks are viewed around the world and harm London’s reputation as a world class city.

We all understand that the underlying social issues will take longer to solve, but in the meantime where is the Mayor addressing these problems? street by street, block by block, working with the police, local communities and councils to protect us?

Street crime in London can be tackled – it has been tackled in far worse environments than London. It is just a case of political will. Londoners deserve to feel safe as they go about their daily lives. Now, Mr Mayor, stop all this talk about providing extra police and deliver. There is no more important role for the Mayor than to keep Londoners safe.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Does Ken care about you?
In publishing their new attack ad 18 Doughty Street have asked the killer question:

“Does Ken care about you?”

Ken would claim that everything he does is in interests of London. If this is true then why is Ken fraternizing with terrorists, embracing dictators and maintaining a colossal spin machine? I am not convinced. Meanwhile, he has not visited a third of the boroughs he was elected to serve.

Ken is more concerned with his own posturing agenda than with Londoners. If I became Mayor I would put the spotlight on the interests of Londoners and keep local government local.

Watch the ad at :

Friday, February 09, 2007

Unsafest City in Europe?
The Evening Standard revealed that London is one of the worst places in Europe for crime. For the world’s leading business city this is completely unacceptable. How are we supposed to maintain a competitive environment when people are afraid to walk the streets at night? I want Londoners to feel safe, and I want visitors to London to be safe.

More importantly as a mother, I want live in a city where my children don’t need to be afraid of street crime. Whether on the daily commute, the school run , the Saturday night out or the weekly shop, I want to be safe.

As Mayor, I would take a tougher stance on crime. I believe London deserves better. Don’t you?
Travelling around London
In this freezing weather is anyone else fed up with the inability of our transport companies to keep the underground system working?

"Ladies and Gentlemen, there is a delay on the line because of adverse weather, because of a defective train, because of a signalling problem.... ".

Much of Europe has far colder weather than us, but we just grind to a standstill which is unacceptable.
I have bought myself those re-chargable hand warmers, which I certainly recommend, as well as thicker gloves!

Londoners deserve a transport system that works - every day.
Mayor for London | Victoria Borwick