Mayor for London | Victoria Borwick
  Mayor for London | Victoria Borwick Mayor for London | Victoria Borwick
Mayor for London | Victoria Borwick
Mayor for London | Victoria Borwick
Mayor for London | Victoria Borwick
Victoria Borwick, Conservative candidate for the Mayor for London.

If you want sensible policies, want London run by Londoners, and want a change from slick politicians and spin doctors, then vote for Victoria Borwick - The people's choice - Listening to Londoners.

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Victoria Borwick - Listening to Londoners

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Ken's South American jaunt
The Mayor of London will shortly be returning from his South American holiday. What has he achieved?

The aim of Ken’s trip was to secure cut priced oil for London transport in return for expert advice over civil matters. However, this trade deal would occur at the expense of Venezuelans, more than £27,000 poorer than the average Londoner. If this deal had been successful, these people would have been further impoverished by a cut in the oil revenue. However the Mayor failed to even reach Venezuela, let alone complete the deal.
London has a few questions for Ken:

What position is he in to give advice abroad considering his failure to solve problems with transport and spiraling crime in his own city?

Preparations for the 2012 Olympic Games face the problems of vicious political infighting and an overblown budget. So why was he not at work?

When did the Mayor of London become a diplomatic position?

I do not believe that Londoners should have to pay for Ken to dabble in foreign policy…do you?

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Olympics 2012 – taking over London’s roads
Olympic VIPs will be provided with designated lanes on some of London’s busiest roads.

Lanes on major routes could be closed 24 hours a day during the Games to transport VIPs and emergency vehicles to and from the venues in east London.

The Olympics Road Network covers 150 miles of major roads that will link the central London venues and Olympic Committee hotels on Park Lane to the Olympic Park in Stratford. These special lanes will be enforced by yet more cameras and police.

Do you think that road lanes in London should become Olympics only routes for officials and participants? What’s your view?
Mayor for London | Victoria Borwick