Mayor for London | Victoria Borwick
  Mayor for London | Victoria Borwick Mayor for London | Victoria Borwick
Mayor for London | Victoria Borwick
Mayor for London | Victoria Borwick
Mayor for London | Victoria Borwick
Victoria Borwick, Conservative candidate for the Mayor for London.

If you want sensible policies, want London run by Londoners, and want a change from slick politicians and spin doctors, then vote for Victoria Borwick - The people's choice - Listening to Londoners.

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Victoria Borwick - Listening to Londoners

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

What would I do as Mayor with the tube strikes?
This strike is unnecessary and disruptive. The underground workers have been assured that their jobs are safe and that their pensions are secure – how many people have that job security?

Livingstone should be saying “you strike if you want to, but as Mayor I am going to keep London moving”. I am not going to be held to ransom.

I would suspend the congestion charge, I would open up the parks for parking of additional cars (as happened in the past with transport strikes); I would look at suspending some of the parking restrictions and I would work with the London Boroughs to ensure that Londoners could still get to work, and go about their daily lives. As your Mayor, I would stand up for the rights of Londoners.

Yes, we would have some chaos and inconvenience but this is better than Londoners being held to ransom at short notice. What about all the people who have not been able to get to work and thus have not been paid, or the extra inconvenience that Londoners have suffered – they don’t all have the secure pensions that these strikers can look forward to.

I would take a strong line. It is not about talk, it is about doing something positive to help Londoners get on with their lives and knowing that this Mayor would be on their side.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Tube strikes
In the papers over the weekend, yet another young Londoner stabbed to death – what is happening to our great city?

Caught the circle line, but learned with dismay that as of this evening there would be strikes. Yet again hard working Londoners held to ransom by the underground workers – Livingstone has said they will keep their jobs, he has said their pensions are safe, I have no doubt he will tell us it is nothing to do with him – don’t forget this is all our money that was poured into this Metronet partnership in the beginning, and now – guess what it is Londoners who are going to pay to put it right – no change there then.

London is the powerhouse of the British economy, the Mayor should be out there selling London and its advantages for business, not selling us down the river to the unions – just like the bad old days of the GLC

Friday, August 31, 2007

Delays on the tube
Stuck on the tube again – in the morning had to wait ages for a tube because of "staff shortages" – I sat and imagined all the tube drivers on holiday in the sunshine whilst we stood around on platforms around London, trying to get to work, trying to get on with our lives.

The one thing that the Mayor really has control of is Transport for London – it is his creation. All these people forced to use the creaking tube system, with above inflation fare increases every year - what benefit have we seen?

On the way back in the afternoon, I was stuck in a tunnel, boiling hot and no explanations, whilst a another poor girl worried with us all, was she was going to make her job interview on time?

That’s why it matters that the tube runs more efficiently, people need it to make their lives work. We all tried to give helpful suggestions, but how was she going to get to White City on time?

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Salmon Centre – Bermondsey
I had a really interesting visit to the Salmon Centre in Bermondsey. This Charity has been undertaking impressive youth work for 100 years, but they are nearing completion on a fantastic new 8 storey facility which will provide state of the art gym facilities, performance studios, music rooms, and a host of activities – it was fantastically impressive – but even more so were the dedicated team who have worked long hours to achieve this ambitious project.

I urge anyone who is interested in real youth work, and understands that this is about long term relationships with communities to learn from the Salmon Centre. This is not about quick fixes, this is about helping people through a difficult and changing period in their lives to fulfil their potential.

Their Mission:
The Salmon Youth Centre in Bermondsey aims to inspire young people to realise their potential, to contribute positively to the communities in which they live and discover meaning and direction for their lives.

Their Vision
Our hope is that the young people may recognise and respond to the Christian faith, which is the basis of our work, and which we believe gives true meaning and direction for life.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Crime in London
The weekend papers highlight the extent of crime and tragic deaths of young people in London, so far this year. Yes some crimes are falling, but we need to tackle those crime that are not going down – street crime, knife crime, car crime – we all know someone who has been a victim of crime and often the police seem too busy to be able to deal with the problem – too much paperwork and too many processes to go through

The newspapers report there have been: 3,500 gun incidents in London over the past 12 months; thousands of guns are said to be on the streets; the capital has more than 200 gangs; the average age of black Londoners murdered by a gun is 19; on top of the five gun victims, nine other under-18s have been stabbed to death in London this year.

The Met Police figures reveal that in the first six months of the year there were 22,793 crimes in the capital, for which a foreign national has been charged. These included violent offences, ranging from murder to assault. There were also nearly 6,000 drug offences, 414 sex crimes, 522 robberies and almost 1,000 burglaries.

This is the most important priority for the Mayor. Forget cheap oil from Venezuela, what we want is to be able to go about our daily lives free from the fear of crime.
We all need to work together with the police, and the local community groups to show that this is the number one priority for us all.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Robbery in Battersea
A friend of mine is robbed in M&S in Battersea – a moment’s inattention and her purse, money, credit cards, bus pass and all her personal bits and pieces are stolen. M&S staff are helpful and kind, but it is all very distressing.

The police take a report over the phone, but don’t seem to be particularly interested in what was stolen, as they have too many local crimes to deal with, and no-one cares that without her keys or any money she has no way of getting home. Of course I go round and pick her up, but it is very sad if you are elderly and alone.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Return back to London - home to a mountain of post and emails – jolt back into the realities of being a local councillor and trying to help local residents who are having problems.
Political debate hotting up and several requests to speak as one of the potential Conservative candidates for Mayor. Boris appears to be on holiday, so all quiet from his camp.
Mayor for London | Victoria Borwick